For two whole weeks, three brave young women have shared their stories with thousands of people.

They have challenged myths and boundaries; they have exposed a moral crisis in our country. Those of us who have been their support are proud to have played a part.

It is easy for people to be cruel and heartless when discussing immigration, especially when they are given bad information. Part of our goal from the beginning was to make that more difficult by offering living, breathing challenges to what people hear.

Despite not yet meeting the senator formally, we consider what we have done thus far a great success. For a number of reasons, it became clear that it was no longer wise to continue to push for the DREAM Act this way.

One of those reasons was that Sunday night Loida fell ill with what appeared to be some combination of dehydration, heat stroke and an overexposure to the natural toxins released by a starved body. We had medical advisors for the entire duration of the strike and Loida was taken to the hospital as soon as it became apparent that she needed medical attention. Loida is doing fine and is now recuperating with family.

The three knew the whole time that they were putting their health at risk, but they felt their situation made it necessary.

In the last few days, safety also became a very serious issue. Several nights ago, the strikers were contacted by e-mail by someone who is known to be a sexual predator to immigrant women. Any questions should be directed to Marty Rosenbluth with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, who represents the strikers.

The fight for the DREAM Act lives on. Senator Kay Hagan will hear us. As one of the fastest-growing homes to new immigrants, North Carolina needs sensible immigration policy the most.

Senator Hagan does her state a disservice by not leading her Senate colleagues in passing reform; she should start with the DREAM Act. She says she supports “comprehensive immigration reform,” but hasn’t said what that means. When we asked her if the DREAM Act should be part of comprehensive reform, she simply said, “that’s a good question.”

We know it is; it is one that millions of young people need answered now.

We are not stopping; our efforts are growing and we need all the help we can get. Call and e-mail Senator Hagan and tell her you support the DREAM Act. Tell her we need immigration reform and that the DREAM Act is the first step.

Thank you for everyone who has supported the strike. Continue to check the blog, because we aren’t stopping. Please call her today at (202) 224-6342.

With love,
the NC DREAM Team

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.” –Paulo Coehlo