Coming up on the twelfth day, we’d like to give you a glimpse of life here. There have been plenty of emotionally charged moments here, and we’ve documented some of those here and here, but this has, to some degree at least, become a home. And part of the comfort of a home is the day-to-day simplicity.

Believe it or not, we do have Internet at the site. Thanks to Esteban (pictured above), we have a portable connection. Most of this blog is written and posted here, unless we are otherwise occupied.

Visitors come by every day; many are from local churches. The family of our three also comes to spend some time together, show their love and help with anything they can. We will have to get ready for the rain tonight soon, and a few extra hands will really make a difference.

Everyone is the so grateful for the porta-john. In the first few days without it, everyone had to either walk or drive to the Greyhound bus station if they had to use the bathroom during the night. Even though it is so close now, no one walks unaccompanied to use it. It is still far safer than leaving at all hours of the night.

We hope everyone is staying out of the heat. We’ll be out of it, one day; Kay Hagan willing.