For those of us running support, it has consistently amazed us how strong these three have been. Despite the strain placed on their bodies, they have still been able to handle interviews, take questions from audience members or discuss the DREAM Act and immigration with whoever passes by their tent.

But despite their strength, going this far has worn on them. They lose weight every day, are weary standing up and can lose track of their thoughts during conversation. Without food, the body feeds on muscle tissue, including the brain and heart. Some recent arrhythmia has us all scared, as this is one of the most common causes of hunger strike deaths.

Some may criticize this tactic as a political stunt. If Hagan meets with the strikers, the argument goes, then others may strike to get what they want. Considering how extreme these measures are, even after a few days, it is hard to believe that anyone could carry on without serious conviction, or without anything but desperation in their hearts.

“This is not a political statement,” Loida said. “This is a moral crisis that needs to be exposed.”

So here they remain.