Hagan speaking with Justin

Hagan knows we’re here. Now she needs to answer our call.

Hagan stopped by the Seymour Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to hold satellite office hours and meet some of her constituents. We not only spoke with her and her staff, but just about every other person who came. To read more about our encounter with Kay, read our previous post to find out how it went.

Here are a few photos from our second attempt to talk to Kay about the DREAM Act. We encountered some camera problems earlier which delayed getting pictures and video to the site, but posts should be timely—pictures and all—from here on out.

DREAM supporters spoke to everyone who came to the meet-and-greet; to our luck and admittedly some surprise we found almost universal support.

Here I asked Senator Hagan if she believed the DREAM Act should be part of comprehensive immigration reform. She simply said “That’s a good question.” For a good account of this conversation, check out The Daily Tar Heel‘s coverage of the event.

This picture led our previous post, but it’s so great it merits being posted again. Loida confronted the Senator and tried to tell her story. Loida pressed her on the DREAM Act and the lack of movement on any bill—comprehensive or otherwise—but Hagan was either unprepared or unwilling to discuss anything in-depth with us today.

Allies from El Pueblo came to discuss the DREAM Act with Hagan as well. Several members of El Pueblo participated in a 1.5million second-long fast to symbolize all of the potential beneficiaries of the bill.

We hope the next photos we get of Hagan are of her speaking with Viridiana, Loida and Rosario and agreeing to co-sponsor the DREAM Act. We’re sure Esteban (who takes most of our photos) will be ready, Nikon D90 in hand and snapping away.