Concluding a fast of 1.5million-second fast to support the DREAM Act, various supporters of the faith community came to conduct friends and supporters of those who fasted in prayer. Shortly after, the congregation walked to where Loida, Rosario and Viridriana would begin their strike.

Spirits were high, but so were nerves. As a little bit of much-needed levity, it was also Jose’s birthday, a member of the NC DREAM Team. We set up the tent, and the three got their bearings and prepared themselves for what lay ahead. Staying outside in downtown Raleigh late at night obviously has its safety risks, so two friends offered to stay outside all night standing guard.

Everyone is worried, but everyone is also ready to do their part. Everyone has chipped in something; ice, sunscreen bug spray, Gatorade.

Thank you for your support so early on and please stay tuned.