Doug Clark of the Greensboro News and Record has posted an entry on his blog about the hunger strike.

“Anyone can threaten to jump off the roof or set himself on fire unless the governor, a congressman or the president does this or that,” Clark says. “Giving in encourages more dramatics.”

Perhaps Clark wouldn’t consider this a “dramatic” approach if he were undocumented, but we’re asking too much. We should also mention that the DREAM Act would not “speed their path to citizenship,” as currently there is no “path” for the children of undocumented migrants.

In an earlier blog post about Los Suns, Clark says that “All this sympathy for people who have no legal right to be in the country is misplaced.”

Obviously, we’re trying to make the case otherwise. However, he goes on to say that “Realistically, there may have to be some accommodation for those who want to earn citizenship, but that process inevitably will clog the path for other hopeful immigrants who have followed legal avenues from the beginning.”

The DREAM Act is an accommodation for those who came here to no fault of their own, and in many cases, like first-year Harvard Student Eric Balderas, have been here so long that they have no memory of the place to which they are supposedly being “sent back.” While being “accommodated” these young people still have to earn their right to stay through hard work and service.

We hope that Doug Clark gives in to his better inclinations and supports us in the days to come.